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Intel Pentium III 600 MHz System With 17" Monitor
Graphics Workstation & Game Machine

Intel Pentium III 600MHz Processor 512K Cache
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128 MB PC124 CL2 168 Pin SDRAM DIMMS   
13 GB Quantum Fireball CR Ultra ATA/66  Hard Drive With Shock Protection
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48X CD-Rom Drive  CD Rom
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RIVA TNT2 M64 32 MEG 4X AGP 3D Video Adaptor --Workstation Level 3D Graphics
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Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI64 OEM  3D Sound Card
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100 Watt MultiMedia Amplified Speakers Speaker  
56K Lucent Tech V.90 Internal Fax Modem With Voice
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17", 0.27 rnrn DOT Pitch, Flat Square Tube Digital On Screen Display 1280x1024 Monitor
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Abit BH6 Intel BX Chipset Motherboard
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Accommodates A Total Of 384 MB SDRAM  
ATX Design  
3 168-pin PC100 DIMM Sockets  
512 KB Pipelined Burst Synchronized Secondary Cache  
5 PCI-2 ISA Slots  
On-board floppy And 2 Ultra DMA EIDE Controllers Up To 33 MB/S   
2 -16550 UART Serial Ports  
Enhanced Parallel Port / Extended Capabilities Port  
2 Universal Serial Bus Connectors  
PC 98-Ready--PC Health Monitoring  
Desktop Management Interface  
Hardware Virus BIOS Protection  
DeLuxe Tower Case
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Power Supply-PS II Type & ATX  
PS/2 - Windows 104 Keyboard, And 3-Button A4 TECH WinAuto NWW-11 MS Compatible Mouse
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1.44 Floppy Drive  
Windows 98 is installed on the system for testing purposes only. You must obtain a license.
Software Policy-Operating System
We have observed that many of you are updating your current systems to faster ones. Some of you may already own a copy of Windows 98, may be able to get it somewhere else, or may not want to use it at all. Therefore we do not include the operating system with our computers. We give you the choice of purchasing it from us or from another source. We install Windows 98 on all systems to test the components and optimize the performance of the system. Windows 98 must be removed, by law, prior to shipping unless one of the two conditions that follow are met:
1.Windows 98 is purchased from us. We sell Windows 98 at our cost with the systems to encourage this.
2. If you own Windows 98 already, and it was purchased for this computer or was used in another computer and was removed from that system so that it may be used in this system (please consult Microsoft License Agreement), then you may provide us with the Release and Version Number as well as the Product ID so we may install Windows 98 for you with your license information. Please note that we don't provide software support for our systems as a warrantee. However, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and will try to help any and all our customers as much as possible if they encounter any problems.
For More Windows 98 Info Click Here
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We use ONLY Brand Name parts.
Quality-Control standards require 72-hour burn-in before shipment.
1 year warranty on labor and components.
Photograph is representative. Final product may vary slightly.
450 Pentium II
450 Pentium II Work Station
500 Pentium III Work Station
600 Pentium III Work Station

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